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Pickled Mackerel with Red beets salad


Smoked Mackerel with Mashed potatoes



Our Mackerel Rillettes

Traditional Mackerel Sushi

About IWASEI Yaizu

Mt. Fuji view from Yaizu

Iwasei was founded in 1832 Tempo period(Edo-period) as a fish merchant and we have more than 180 years history. Iwasei has moved forward with history of Yaizu fishries industry. During the turbulent times, Iwasei has managed a wide variety of fish business such as purchasing fresh fish, seafood processing, wholesale, freezer and storage service. Iwasei has provided delicious Iwasei-branded products. Our product,Shime-saba(mackerel) received a prestigious award by Director General of Fisheries Agency.

Above three photos - Very old photos taken by our ancestors.


Above three photos - our current operations.


Our Products

Pickled Mackerel Sushi using our Shime-Saba(pickled mackerel)

Our products are delicious, safe and they are consumer-ready food. For example,if you would like to make the mackerel Sushi for home cooking or party, you can make it very easily!! Please prepare the vinegared rice and put that rice to Shime-saba and wrap it then wait 2 hours. You can enjoy authentic mackerel Sushi as Sushi chef made.

Our mackerel has been used by professional Japanese Washoku(Japanese food)chefs in Kyoto, Osaka and Wakayama.
Our products are beautiful and genuine. 



Pickled mackerel and Smoked mackerel

Salted mackerel ( Only 5 minutes to eat by microwave oven!)

Our mackerel can be used for many recipe.


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Freezer and Storage Service

Iwasei has the biggest freezers in this area and our professional technical experts can provide suitable freezer service for the customer's important materials and products and store in the right way. Please use our freezer and storage service for your important fish, fruits and frozen meals.


〈#1 Freezer and Storage〉Freezer class 

-35℃ capacity 200t Freezer 8T/D 

〈#2 Freezer and Storage〉Freezer class 

-35℃ capacity 1,300t Freezer 10T/D 

〈#3 Freezer and Storage〉Freezer class 

-35℃ capacity 3,000t bonded warehouse